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Remember when Myspace and Facebook use to be just a place where people can connect with friends and family and get to know people. It use to be where people can just share ideas, style, hobbies, interest, etc  and have fun without all the annoying ads. NoodlesOnline is built on a platform where everybody can do just that, CONNECT and have fun. 


Here at NoodlesOnline you will find that we don’t have unnecessary distraction such as… 

  • No Political ads
  • No Clickbait ads
  • No Apps ads
  • No Get Rich ads
  • No Annoying ads
  • Basically, No ads of any sort if you don’t want to see them.*

The MAIN reason why we don’t allow ads is because we don’t share and sell your data & private information.  

Our Mission

Building a community for people who want to connect with others without all the annoying unnecessary ads, notices and promotions.   We are all about connecting people and not about branding


We do not allow ads in your community activity feed, ads free


We do not share or sell your private information to outside source


Clean and friendly social community where everyone can enjoy

Experience a new kinda community

Come and join us, it’s free.  We know that once you join and connect with others in our community you will love it

Understand, get involve and enjoy

Understand your social worth. Who want a community where there is constant ads in front of you about politic, apps, news, etc when all you want is to just catch up with some friends and family

fall in love with our features

Real Time Posting

All your post is in real time. The community and you will be able to see them in real time

Real Time Chatting

You can use our chat feature to chat with anyone in real time. This feature is a must have that's why we made it available to our users


We have made it available to use the popular giphy in your posting. This will add more humor and fun in all your post

Mobile Responsive

Our site is tablet and mobile responsive. You don't have to worry about checking in if you are not by a computer

Video and Pictures

You can use video or picture links in posting and upload your own avatar, background pictures into post or onto your profile

Ease Of Use

Our site is built with a friendly interface so that anyone can easily learn and use quickly to connect with family and friend

This is a great site. No annoying ads just a clean place to know people
Natalie Lee
Basically the facebook alternative, fresh and better in a different way
Nina V
I really dig this site, it is cool, fun and professional all at the same time
Tommy Y
*We will not have ads in the community activity feed or in your profile stream. These ads may or may not run inside a certain group that could show on the community activity feed and your personal feed because you have join a particular group that allow ads. Furthermore, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.